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The brief overview about Bimatoprost Bimat eye drops:

Bimat eye drops are one such ophthalmic solution that assists to please your desire for long and lusty eyelashes by making them longer, darker and thicker. The Bimat eye drop is an FDA permitted solution that you might have heard about as of its widely used success rates. The Bimat eye drop is enclosed of Bimatoprost as the functional constituent, which is the dynamic moiety for lengthening and darkening your short lashes, recognized with the situation of Hypotrichosis or Madarosis of eyelashes.

Action mechanism of Bimat eye drops generic Bimatoprost:

Like every other hair growth on your body, it is comparable with lashes. For this reason, Bimat eye drops (Bimatoprost) improves the anagen phase for hair growth and thus increase the number of hair by dropping telogen phase of resting stage.

Dosage application of Bimat generic Bimatoprost eye drops:

It is accessible as an ophthalmic solution with 0.3% concentration in a 3ml bottle. Using it for lashes involve the need for a clean and dry eyeliner brush or the applicator provided with the pack. You have to apply the Bimat by daubing a single drop of it with the brush at the margin of the upper lash line. The solution itself makes it extend to the lower lashes when you close the eyes. Use the Bimat outwardly only for once during the night before going to bed. After a few weeks, you will observe a change in your lashes.

Side effects of generic bimatoprost eye drop:

Bimat eye drop may give rise some short-term adverse effects of faintness, irritation, burning, or redness of eyes, iris pigmentation, and feeling of warmth, headache, and sensitivity to light. Hence, you should never use the solution for more than the prescribed dose.

Safety measures Of Bimat eye drop eye drops bimatoprost:

  • Application of Bimat eye drops required removal of sunglasses and contact lenses you are wearing.
  • Take provision to clean the excess of the solution while using and not to use the solution at any other skin surface else, it may cause to the superfluous growth of hair.
  • Pregnant women or nursing mother should have to consult with a doctor before using it.
  • In the case of allergic issues with Bimatoprost, you should have to avoid the use of Bimat eye drops.

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