Cast Away Your Erectile Dysfunction with Fildena 50 MG

Being a doctor is challenging for me, Yesterday only a patient came who told me that she and her husband no longer have sexual intimacy..................Read More

Cast Away Your Erectile Dysfunction with Fildena 50 MG

Being a doctor is challenging for me. A number of patients who have problems with their erection come to me. Yesterday only a patient came who told me that she and her husband no longer have sexual intimacy. It was not that they are not now closer with each other. Simply they could not take the pleasure during the sexual act. The reason was that her husband was suffering from erectile failure. Every time when she came closer, he could never be able to show his inner wild animal. Everything was quite normal in the beginning of their marriage but just before one year, ED had made their life sunken. They could no longer have fun as they did earlier.


She tried all possible ways to excite him. Every time when he came back from office, after having dinner she wore a nice piece of lingerie. With her sensual touch and her bare body parts, she used to bring him closer towards her. After touching sensually over his sensitive body parts, she used to kiss him gently. With his passionate moves on the bed, it seemed that he has aroused but when the point of mating came, his erection never used to come up. Both of them had lots of foreplay and sometimes many hours went in foreplay but his erection remained flaccid every time. Finally, she pursued her husband to visit a doctor. After briefing out and with my assessment, Fildena 50 mg seemed to be the drug for eradicating ED. Just the next day a phone bell rang up and after picking the phone call, they thanked me for suggesting Fildena tablet. This medication had worked as wonders for them.


Fildena (Sildenafil) works as a PDE5 blocker. PDE5 enzyme causes disruption of cGMP in penile vessels, as a result of breaking down of cGMP of penile, it lessens blood to penile. Therefore, virility drug is given in order that PDE5 is pent-up that level up the cGMP. cGMP causes dilation of muscles of penile transporting blood to penile resulting in an associate erection. Sexual stimulation must be done for correct erection.


Fildena is out there as 50 mg dosing strength. For higher erection, you ought to take one pill of 50 mg. Take before 50 to 60 minutes of the sexual act. It is vital that you simply got to take it orally. The action of this medicine starts at intervals half-hour of its usage and also the activity happens for four to six hours. You can have it with or while not meals.


Disallow the usage of medication that contains nitrate. Once you have allergies with virility drug, do not use this tablet. Never suggest it to patients whose age is below eighteen years. Once you have medical issues like ulceration within the abdomen, bleeding disorders, coronary failure, retinitis pigmentosa, blood pressure disorder, and any physical deformity in penile, don't use Fildena. Cardiac patients ought to use it solely when doctor recommendation. Grapefruit juice and alcohol can raise harmful effects. If pain arises with an erection, tell your doctor. Prohibit the utilization of the other impotence medication once you are taking Fildena 100 mg already.


Common facet effects with this medication are the shortness of breath, irregular heartbeats, painful erection, seizure, flushing, fast vision loss, longer erection, light-headed feeling, nausea, headache, sweating, and back pain.


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