Can’t sleep despite the endless efforts? Try Ambien

Your eyes are wide awake staring at the ceiling in the middle of the night. This has been happening for the past three months. Either you get too little asleep or trouble falling asleep or wake up too early feeling agitated or restless

Can’t sleep despite the endless efforts? Try Ambien

If all these conditions seem similar to you then you too are suffering from insomnia. Insomnia is the condition where you face troubles in falling or remaining asleep for long for at least two to three times in a week for a minimum of three months. Many people suffer from insomnia due to the high paced world. With so much work stress, relationship troubles and so much pressure on society a person tends to compromise on his/her sleep. However, lack of sleep not just hampers your energy levels and work performance but in the long run has a lasting impact on the cardiac health, and mental health of a person. Therefore an effective solution is required for alleviating sleep troubles and brings peace to your sleep and life. One such medication is Zolpidem ER 12.5 mg Price that helps for sleep uninterrupted and wake up feeling fresh the next morning.

Ambien is a pioneering medicament that is used widely for the treatment of insomnia in adults. This medication is a popular choice amongst the people who face difficulty in sleeping or staying asleep for longer. This medication helps the person in staying asleep for longer without any disturbances and wake up the next morning feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Zolpidem is the main moiety present in this medication. Zolpidem is a sedative that stimulates the release of the neurotransmitter GABA by binding to the alpha-1 receptors on the GABA receptors and results in the opening of the chloride channel. This leads to the entrance of chloride ions into the cell membrane producing a sedative and hypnotic effect on a person and allowing him to sleep peacefully.

Ambien is available commercially in the strength of 10 mg and 12.5 mg in the form of tablets. In order to cure your insomnia troubles, you must take a single tablet of this medication orally with a plenty of water, one time in a day, just before going to bed. Never consume a dose which is higher than suggested. In the case of overdose, seek medical help immediately.

Side effects that appear generally with the use of Ambien are a loss of memory just after waking up, agitation, drowsiness, wobbliness, skin flushes, irritability, confusion, queasiness and sedation, loss of coordination.

Important points to remember while using Ambien are

  • Using alcohol and sedatives is forbidden with the use of this medication.
  • Do not perform any mentally stimulating tasks right after waking up while using this medication.
  • Performing strenuous and visual tasks such as driving is prohibited with the use of this medication.
  • This medication should not be used by pregnant women, lactating mother and children.
  • Store Ambien in a cool and dark place away from the reach of children and pets

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