Connect with Your Freedom after Opting Abortion via RU486 Pill

RU486 Pill is a type of medical abortion that is recommended at the global level for ending an unwanted pregnancy of 7 weeks...........

Connect with Your Freedom after Opting Abortion via RU486 Pill

You was 22, had a good earning job and was in a relationship for a long time when you had an abortion.

Everything has started like it does for everyone – you were feeling sickness with no sign of period. You were on contraceptive pill but some days for forgetting to take it. For becoming sure you got a pregnancy test from the nearest medical store. You have used it many times to relax your nerves. It makes you feel better so that you become sure after seeing a pink line.

You have expected the same this time. Now, two lines start becoming visible and you were pregnant. You immediately dialed your boyfriend number crying. Shocking, you are not in circumstance to have a baby.

You donor want to a mother right now. it is necessary to give an explanation with many reasons like what does society says when they get to know about it. Or what will be your family reaction? Or what will be of your career, did you need to leave the job to nourish your baby.

Well there can be so many excuses but you do not have to think about it, you do not want this; it is your decision and the only reason for abortion.  After becoming sure when you told him he told that it was okay, he also does not want to be a father now.  After looking at various options you decided to go with RU-486 Mifepristone Tablets.

RU 486 pill is a type of medical abortion that is recommended at the global level for ending an unwanted pregnancy of 7 weeks. This is a difficulty free medicine that does not need any clinical assistance for women who wish "abortion" but does not want to undergo any surgical measures. Doing termination via the RU 486 pill aids safe finish of the early and unwanted pregnancy. It is available at an affordable and economical price ranging so that any woman can buy it globally and take its advantages. This way of abortion is specially formulated with easy intake pattern that us why they are made in the formulation of tablets.

Mifepristone is a generic product that is present in the larger composition in RU486. The action of this drug starts with the blockage of progesterone hormone (pregnancy important hormone). The effect of this medicine can be seen by the stopping of the delivery of important requirements to the baby that causes shedding of the endometrial and the detachment of embryo lastly making the fetus dead. The second action produced by this medicine is to make strong abdominal cramps and cervix dilation so that dead embryo gets out from the female body in the form of bleeding and clotting.

Open up the packet of RU 486 pill, then you will see three pills of Mifepristone of 200mg. From next early morning on an empty stomach, swallow all three tablets together at once with plenty of water. As 2 days pass, then go for medical examination for complete surety. By chance abortion does not remain successful, and then take 2pills of Misoprostol at once by means of oral or vaginal way. In the ending of 2 days, again go for an ultrasound for seeing that your womb is empty now.       

Common noxious appearing after taking RU486 abortion pills such as faintness, weariness, illness, frustration, heavy vaginal blood loss, diarrhea, illness, physically powerful abdominal cramps, back pain, or unclear vision

Points that need your attention:

As you are doing an abortion with RU-486 tablet, so at that duration, it is better to avoid alcohol or smoking as it may increase the severity of the negative effects. Remain away from intimate tasks till the bleeding completely stops, as it may save you from becoming a pregnant or vaginal infection. Never lift any heavy things after abortion till your body complete recovers as it may increase the cramping of the abdomen.

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