Sexual stimulation is a must for getting a perfect erection. Fildena is marketed as 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg tablets.....


After your high school, you went for graduation outside your city. It was a new beginning in your career. The first some days were hectic due to admission process but finally, you got a room and settled. You got two-seater room. On day one, you noticed that girl's hostel was also nearby your hostel. After coming from college, you had dinner and when you moved upstairs towards your room, you saw the whole bunch of boys peeping girls through the window. With those boys, you also began watching those girls and started shouting. Among them, you noticed a girl of your class and you had a crush on her on the very first look. Next day in college, you approached her and initiated the talk, the girl shove away.


Some days passed and you started noticing her, smiled at her. Finally the day came when she came up for friendship. Everything was now settled. Your college planned for a picnic to a far off place for a night out. During the tour drinks were opened, everyone danced. You approached her for dance; the things went so crazy that you finally proposed her. After some time you both went to the lonely place where things went more wild between you. Both of you could not resist each other and started smooching. After caressing and kissing when the time for penetration came, it did not come up and you were frustrated. A continuous pause came where you did not knew what to do. Suddenly you remembered that your friend has kept Fildena. After its intake, you roamed with your girlfriend for some time and initiated the lovemaking act. With Fildena your penetration was successful, both of you gratified and enjoyed. Without Fildena, your relationship could have hindered so thanks to Fildena who saved your relation.          


Some detail information about Fildena

Fildena has chief component as Sildenafil that is a PDE5 inhibitor. Erection problem arises due to poor blood flow to penile vessels. You can improve blood flow by using Sildenafil that by inhibiting PDE5, levels up the cGMP amount causing vasodilation and fast blood flow to genitals, finally leads to a stronger erection. Sexual stimulation is a must for getting a perfect erection. It is also helpful in pulmonary arterial hypertension.


Dosage regimen to be followed for preventing erection failure


Fildena is marketed as 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg tablets. The usual adult dose for preventing erection failure is 50 mg before 50 to 60 min when you go for sexual intercourse. Take it by the oral route. The onset of action of Fildena is 30 min and its duration of action is 4 to 6 hours. You can have it with or without meals. The usual geriatric dose for eradicating erection failure is 25 mg, 50 to 60 min prior to lovemaking act once per day through the oral route.


Contraindications and precautions to follow with Fildena

  1. Do not use the drug if you have allergies with Sildenafil.
  2. Contraindicate the use of nitrate drugs, as it will lead to serious hypotension.
  3. Convey your doctor if you are having painful or erection for longer time.
  4. Cardiac patients should use it only on doctor advice.
  5. Make sure to let your doctor know all your medical history such as blood pressure problem, stomach ulcer, bleeding disorder, retinitis pigmentosa, heart attack, or physical deformity of penile.
  6. Do not prescribe it to patients who are below 18 years of age.
  7. If you are using Fildena, cut the intake of any other ED drug with it.
  8. Grapefruit juice and alcohol increase the side effects of the drug.


Some side effects with Fildena

Some serious after-effects you may observe with Fildena are

  1. Irregular heartbeat, painful erection
  2. Longer erection, shortness of breath
  3. Seizure, sudden vision loss
  4. Nausea, sweating
  5. Light-headed feeling, flushing
  6. Headache, back pain

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