Let Us Know About Muscle Pain and Its Treatment with Pain O soma Tablets

Pain O Soma 500mg is a most popular medicine to resolve muscle pain or discomfort......................

Let Us Know About Muscle Pain and Its Treatment with Pain O soma Tablets

Muscle pain/ Myalgia- A clear report


In medical terms, Muscle pain is known as "myalgia", it refers to pain originated in any muscle of the body.  


The most common causes responsible for muscle pain are stress, tension, overuse of muscles and minor injuries. It can arise due to any injury, overexertion, inflammatory conditions, or infections of the soft tissues. There are many conditions linked with generalized aches and pain that further results in the muscle pain.

Effects of muscle pain on your life:

Muscle pain can limit your daily activities and make it difficult to work. It not only affects your private life but also your life with friends and family members. These members have to do the work that you are unable to do due to muscle pain. Therefore, you feel helpless and unwanted feelings such as irritation, resentment, and stress comes as your reaction. These feeling deteriorate your painful condition of muscle pain.

Mind and body relationship:

Mind and body do every work together; they cannot work differently or separately. The mind is responsible for controlling thoughts and emotions that affect the way your body controls pain.  Muscle pain is itself a fear of pain that makes you avoid your normal working.

If you avoid muscle pain:

At the initial stage, muscle pain occurs with low intensity that is easy to bear and tolerate. If you avoid pain at this stage then with the passage of time, it becomes severe and a day comes when you are not able to do tolerate this pain easily. It is better advised to take treatment at starting phase.


Pain O Soma 500mg is a most popular medicine to resolve muscle pain or discomfort. You may see the beneficial effects of this medicine after some time of its usage. By providing you relief in your painful condition, this medicine allows you to do your normal daily activities as you have done before muscle pain.

* For getting maximum results, physical therapies are essential to do with Pain O Soma medicine*

Carisoprodol is the generic version of Pain O Soma 350 mg medicine that is a skeletal muscle relaxant.  It acts by making the central nervous system slow that further results in inhibition of transmission of nerve signals between the brain and spinal cord. This results in sedation that makes you free from the pain of any intensity.

Dosing: Pain-O Soma comes in two variable dosing powers of 350 mg and 500 mg. At initial phase, if you are facing muscle pain then take one tablet of Pain-O Soma 350 mg, three times a day by means of mouth with a full glass of water. If this minimum dosing does not give you benefits then you need to augment the dosing power to 500 mg, two times a day. This medicine is safe if you did not augment beyond 1400 mg per day and not more than 2 to 3 weeks, as more than these dosing power chances of side effects get an increase.

There are some reported side effects of Pain O Soma (Carisoprodol 350mg Tablets) , then can affect you are dizziness, paralysis, lack of synchronization, diarrhea, gastric upset, weakness, tremor, nausea, inaccurate vision, chest tenderness, feeling irritable, lethargy, blurred vision, tiredness, fainting, agitation, and confused mental state.


  • Pain-O Soma is not safe for longer use as it may enhance the chances of drug addictedness.
  • Pain-O Soma is not safe is taken in case of allergy to any compound present in this medicine.
  • Alcohol may augment the risks associated with Pain-O Soma so avoid taking it.

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