Shrugg off the unwanted pregnancy condition with Abortion pills

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Shrugg off the unwanted pregnancy condition with Abortion pills

Nicole was 23 living with her parents, she had recently got an opportunity at a highly reputed university. Everybody was happy, so was she till some time. She had been in a 6 months relationship specifically made to satisfy human needs, not emotions, though much of the glass broke after she got pregnant. When the two lines confirmed the news, Nicole involuntarily knew what was to happen. It was shocking in a sense as she herself was anti-abortion, she had been very disapproving of a female who got herself aborted, she thought of her baby. That day, however, she knew it was not a baby, maybe they were only special cells. It was confusing everything, yet the outcome was defined.


Nicole told her boyfriend, he said he would not want it and gave an explanation of that, but he said he did not want to discontinue the relation, he would want to be with her and he was. According to Nicole, he was everything you want in that condition, he was there when she told her family about it, he did not run, they all decided that abortion was good for her. she had a life to keep and a very bright chance would be missed, not to forget her reaction which she immediately gave. That was the key, at least to her mother it was. She knew how difficult it is to raise a baby and if you are not sure about it you might end up doing injustice not just to yourself but to the baby as well.


Nicole was only 5 weeks pregnant at that time and the choice of abortion was almost clear, they were going for the pills, which really had an upper hand over cesarean or other tools. They decided and they had it. Nicole does feel how beautiful had it been if she were to keep the child but she knows she had taken the right decision.


Abortion Pills are a phenomenon which took everyone by awe considering the prolific use of these. There are well-defined grounds for the huge popularity these drugs enjoy, which are ease and efficacy, low cost, privacy to get an abortion done and the tool-less way through which they provide abortion. The process is much less painful comparatively and comes with lesser side effects. Abortion Pill Kit (MTP KIT) deploys two FDA approved pills Misoprostol (200mcg) and Mifepristone (200mg) they can be used individually or as a combination.


RU486, Mifeprex, Mifegyne, Korlym are the brands that use Mifepristone alone as their chief pharma ingredient. Cytotec contains only Misoprostol. MTP Kit is the brand that contains both.


Mifepristone works by blocking the action of Progesterone which is an essential requirement for pregnancy. Progesterone works for the development and growth of fetus by supplying oxygen and nutrients, with the blockade of this hormone the survival gets impossible. Misoprostol induces rigorous contraction in the uterine wall that hels in shedding the cells in form of blood clots.


All the brans containing Mifepristone have  3 pills in their pack, which should be taken orally on an empty stomach, with water. You have to get an ultrasonography done to get confirm the news of abortion. If in any case, the result is not affirmative then you have to take two pills of Misoprostol either orally or vaginally (use saline water if you are taking it vaginally). Wait for another two days and get the abortion confirmed.


Misoprostol has 12 pills of Misoprostol in its pack, take these pills in a group of four in three batches with a time gap of 5 hours either through vaginal or oral route. Get the abortion done after two days of waiting.


MTP Kit (Mifepristone +Misoprostol) has 5 pills, one Mifepristone pill, which should be taken on day 1 (orally on an empty stomach, with water) and four Misoprostol pills, which should be taken on day 3, orally or vaginally. On day 14, get your abortion confirmed through an ultrasonography.


The most common side effects that show up in a few users are stomach cramps or pain, vaginal bleeding, wooziness, headache, nausea, back pain, diarrhea, exhaustion, and vomiting.


  • Take your IUD (intrauterine device) off before going through the process of termination of pregnancy with these pills.
  • Do not try to end an ectopic pregnancy with these pills, they are not meant to handle this situation.
  • Neither of these pills should be used to terminate a pregnancy more than 9 weeks of age.

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