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What is Generic Bimatoprost Lumigan eye drops?

Lumigan eye drops are an effective medicine that is used to treat open-angle glaucoma in adults. It decreases the intraocular pressure and increases the amount of fluid that drains from the eyes. Lumigan is also used for the treatment of hypotrichosis of eyelashes and enhances the growth of eyelashes.


What is the working mechanism of Lumigan Generic Bimatoprost eye drops?

Lumigan eye drops constitute Bimatoprost as the main active constituent. Bimatoprost lowers the intraocular pressure by increasing the outflow of aqueous humor from the uveoscleral and trabecular meshwork in the eye. Bimatoprost also affects the formation of aqueous humor in the eye, thus decreasing the intraocular pressure.

For increasing the growth of eyelashes, the Bimatoprost enhances the anagen phase and decreases the telogen phase of the eyelash growth cycle, and stimulates the melanogenesis, which gives you thick, long and dark eyelashes.


What is the dosing regimen of Lumigan eye drops Bimatoprost?

The commercially available strength of Lumigan eye drops is 0.03%. For using Lumigan eye drops, make sure your hands are clean. Tilt back your head and with the help of your index finger pull your lower eyelid to form a pocket. Now put one drop of Lumigan eye drop in the eye, gently close your eyes, and wait for 10 seconds, wipe away the excess liquid. Repeat the process in the other eye.

Before using Lumigan, eye drops, make sure that your hands are clean; also wash your hand and face to remove any cream and makeup. Then, take a sterile eyelash brush and put a drop of Lumigan eye drop onto it.  Start applying for this medicine from the inner part of the eyelashes line to the outer part of your eyelashes line. Wipe out the extra drop with a help of dry tissue. A user should use Lumigan eye drops once a day in the evening on a regular basis for 12-16 weeks to get a maximum desired result.


What are the contraindications of Bimatoprost Lumigan Bimatoprost eye drop?

  • If you are allergic to any ingredient present in the Lumigan eye drops, then do not use this medication.
  • If you have any eye conditions such as uveitis, then using Lumigan eye drops is not recommended.
  • If you have, any swelling or infections of the eye then do not use Lumigan eye drops.

What are the noxious effects associated with the use of Lumigan Bimatoprost eye drops?

The possible noxious effects seen with the use of Lumigan eye drops are itching, burning sensation of the eye, excessive tearing, feeling of having something in your eyes and increased sensitivity of the eyes to the sunlight.


What are the precautions to be taken with the use of Lumigan eye drops?

  • Do not wear contact lenses while using Lumigan eye drops.
  • Lumigan causes a gradual change in eye color over a period of usage; therefore consult your doctor before using this medicine.
  • Do not allow the dropper tip of Lumigan eye drops to touch any contaminated surface.
  • Using any other ophthalmic preparation along with Lumigan eye drops is not advisable.


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