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Why do you need Bimatoprost Careprost plus eye drops?

Careprost plus eye drops consist of generic components such as Bimatoprost and Timolol. This ophthalmic solution prevents open-angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension. Bimatoprost is a prostaglandin analogue that functions by acting upon growth anagen cycle of an eyelash.

How does Careprost plus eye drop Bimatoprost work?

Careprost plus eye drops show its mode of action by improving the length of an eyelash. It also speeds up the number of hairs present in a growth phase of hair follicles. First, you will notice a small growth in about four weeks and full results will be shown after 16 weeks. Timolol works as a beta-blocker that hinders the release of aqueous humour present inside an eye and so regulates your intraocular eye pressure. 

What is the dose info of Careprost plus Bimatoprost eye drop?

Careprost plus eye drops are available online as strengths 0.03% and 0.5%. When you apply Careprost plus eye solutions you should clean your hands. For perfect growth of an eyelash, squeeze out a single drop on the applicator. Begin applying from the lower base of an upper eyelash of both eyes. Keep your eyes shut for some time so that solution will be applied to your lower eyelashes. If you have used an excess of the solution, wipe with tissue paper. Apply it once in a day before you go for slumber. For eliminating glaucoma, instil a single eye drop in affected eye once in a day at the evening time.

What are the contradictory factors to follow with Generic Bimatoprost Careprost plus eye drops?

  • With Careprost if you have allergies, then stop using it.
  • Do not use when you have problems like an eye irritation, eye inflammation, or surgery.

What are the important points to follow with Careprost plus eye drops Generic Bimatoprost?

  • Avoid touching the tip of the applicator or bottle, as the solution will get contaminated.
  • When you have contact lenses then take them out before instilling eye drops, you can put them back into the eyes after a time interval of 15 min.
  • Before instilling any other eye drop, it is important to maintain a duration of five min in between any two eye drops.
  • Use sterile applicator to stop an eye infection.

What are the harmful effects of Bimatoprost Generic Careprost plus eye drops?

Side effects with Careprost plus eye drops are feeling of vision changes, something in the eye, sensitivity to light, itching of eye, mild burning of the eye, redness, dryness, eye discharge, and darkening of eyelid skin.
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