Buy Femara Fertility Drug | 2.5 mg Generic Letrozole

Buy Femara Fertility Drug | 2.5 mg Generic Letrozole


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An oral tablet formulation served in 2.5 mg of generic letrozole, in the name of Femara. This drug basically bring inhibition of estrogen synthesis, the drug brings non steroidal aromatase inhibition. These aromatase inhibitors are now days used for ovulation initiation. The drug is also meant for the preventive measure of breast cancer and used as first and second line therapy Postmenopausal symptoms. Letrozole is also indicated for the stimulation of Ovarian Function Medications. The drug is prescribed along Tamoxifen as therapeutic dose.

How Femara Fertility drug helps and shows its mechanism of action?

In certain cases, estrogen is the main stimulating or maintaining reason for the breast cancer.

In postmenopausal women aromatase enzyme brings the estrogen that brings adrenal androgen to estrone and estradiol. The suppression of estrogen formation stops the aromatase enzyme.

The drug will stop the aromatase enzyme system to change androgen to estrogen, the drug acts similar in results like ovariectomy in reducing the uterine weight. The drug will show following action:

• Elevating serum LH,

• Reduce the uterine weight,

So, over all the level of estrogen is decreased and thus the estrogen dependent tumors intensity will decrease. The drug will not even increase the blood serum FSH, and drug will bring selective inhibition of gonadal steroidogenesis. The drug also stops aromatase enzyme action by binding the "heme" in P450 cytochrome that will result in reduction of estrogen formulation.

Over all the drug will show low blood serum level of estrone, estradiol and estrone sulfate without effecting adrenal corticosteroid and aldosterone and thyroid synthesis.

In what conditions one should not take the drug Femara?

• If the woman is suffering premenopausal endocrine disorder then she should not take the drug.

• Even if the female is pregnant she should not use the Femara tablet.

• If you are hypersensitive to the drug you should not use the drug.

In what could be the possible effect on the drug action if you are taking certain drugs concomitantly?

• The drug should not be taken along certain drugs like Cimetidine and Warfarin show none clinical significance.

• If taking Tamoxifen 20 mg regularly it may bring down the action of drug in blood plasma level.

• No test has been conducted yet for concomitant use of anticancer drugs.

How to store Femara tablet?

The tablet pack of Femara should be kept at room temperature below 30 degree Celsius, keep the drug away from the moisture and direct heat signature even from the sunlight.

How to administer the tablet Femara?

Take tablet orally without concern of meal, recommended dose should be taken once daily at the same time. And the dossier can be adjusted to alternate day for the hepatic impaired patients for the very same strength of 2.5mg of Letrozole.

What could be the possible side effect of the drug?

You may experience Flushing, dizziness, headache, sweating and bone pain or muscle pain.

What are the warnings or precaution indications while taking the drug Femara?

• The drug may increase the bone density so mind the bone density monitoring.

• The drug may bring increase in total cholesterol level.

• One should be cautious while using machinery or heavy exercise.

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